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Does everyone in your office really need to be there?

We are now four weeks into the current lockdown in England.

The rules state that we must work from home if we can, and only travel to work if what you do absolutely cannot be done from home.

So if you are on a construction site, or in a factory, for example, you can go to work. But what about the offices attached to those sites?

The BBC has discovered that in the first two weeks of the lockdown, there were over 60 Covid19 outbreaks in offices.

One company I know of had a spot inspection by the HSE in December ... before the lockdown ... and was told four staff in the office was too many.

So in your office, are those present really required to be there?

Are there sales people who are just on a computer or on the phone? That can be done from home.

Are there finance staff in the office? Most of what they do can be done remotely.

Where people can work at home they should, at least for a few days a week. Reduce the numbers in the office as much as you can.

The more we follow the rules, the quicker we will have those rules relaxed. Remember, if the HSE visit and they aren’t happy, they can serve notices, prosecute and close your business down.

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