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Our Health and Safety Package Deals

What value do you put on the health and safety of your employees and clients?

With packages available to suit all budgets, KSH Safety Services can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your employees are safe, and that you are legally compliant, so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Don't suffer the headache of health and safety in your business, choose one of the following packages today, and then contact us to discuss what we can do. All packages have flexibility in them.

The packages listed below were updated 1 April 2024. Packages purchased before this date remain on the structure agreed at the time.






Monthly fee to act as health and safety competent person. All work charged in addition at current rates.

  • Competent Person Service

  • Up to 4 hours onsite support / client work / telephone / email advice per month

  • 1 licence for 1 candidate e-learning course (priced £65+VAT or less) per year 

  • Other work additional to above charged at our standard hourly or day rate

  • Competent Person Service

  • Up to 8 hours onsite support / client work / telephone / email advice per month

  • 2 licences for e-learning course per year  (priced £65+VAT or less)

  • Other work additional to above charged at a  hourly or day rate less 5%

  • Competent Person Service

  • Up to 8 hours on site support and up to 4 additional hours onsite support / client work / telephone / email advice per month

  • 6 licences for e-learning courses per year (priced £65+VAT or less)

  • Other work additional to above charged at a hourly or day rate less 10%

Competent Person Service: All employers need access to a competent health and safety person by law. Our Competent Person Service allows your business to use KSH Safety Services as their health and safety competent person, allowing them to use us on bids, tender forms, and other required documents. You can rest assured that your business is covered by using an award winning Chartered Safety and Health Professional (CMIOSH). A certificate to show competence is provided.

Telephone / email advice: All telephone calls giving health and safety advice will be backed up by an email to qualify what has been advised.  All calls will be answered within two working days.

Time on client site: Time on client site, can be used for any of our services, but it is recommended that a quarterly audit or inspection is included.  So if you need help with a policy document, a particular risk assessment, or to attend a particular meeting, then this is the time for you to use it in your monthly package (if a task takes longer than your remaining allowance, time is charged per hour / day at the agreed rate). It can also include on-site training courses, providing there is enough time in the package for a course, otherwise it is charged at a day or hour rate as stated above. More details on the options available can be found here.

E-learning courses: This covers any of the online courses advertised on this web site. Courses priced over £65.01+VAT count as two of the included licences. Externally invigilated exams do not count in this offer and must be purchased. (e.g. for the Green Card). Do not book the courses via the web site, or you may be charged again, but contact KSH Safety Services to arrange this. 

All e-learning courses, time on client site, and telephone advice / email time is not transferable from one month to the next unless discussed and agreed in advance.

All these above packages are for a minimum of twelve months, and this allows you to move from one package to another once per quarter, after giving us one weeks written notice, and the change will take effect from the next month start date.  Payment is monthly or annually in advance by direct debit (Go Cardless).  After twelve months, if you haven’t told us differently, the work carries on on a monthly basis until you give a month’s notice of cancellation. There will be no price increases in the first twelve months, however after that we reserve the right to increase prices after giving you a month’s notice. Any price increase will be minimal and only in line with any increased costs.  Prices are based on company size and whether the business is a charity or start up.

Note that if the total travel distance from KSH Safety Services HQ (WN5 7TR) to your premises return is over 50 miles, then 45p per mile or the rail fare is added to the rates charged, plus reasonable overnight accommodation charges if relevant.

Contact us today to discuss which package is best for you.

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