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Risk Assessments, Audits and Inspections

All businesses have to complete risk assessments on their premises and activities. If the business employs five or more people then they should be written down.  KSH Safety Services can help you with these assessments. They include:

  • Comprehensive fire risk assessment of your premises

  • Activity risk assessments

  • Work equipment risk assessments

  • Manual handling assessments

  • Work at height assessments

  • Car park assessments

  • COSHH Risk Assessments

  • Stress risk assessments

  • Display Screen Equipment workstation assessments

  • Office, factory, workshop, shop or warehouse assessments

In addition KSH Safety Services will complete site health and safety inspections and "where are you now" audits. Full detailed reports with action plans will be provided, and advice given on resolving those actions.

Risk Assessment
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