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KSH Safety Services

Consultant of the Year

KSH Safety Services is run by an award winning health and safety practitioner with 23 years experience in health and safety management.

If you operate a small or medium sized enterprise in north west England, but want to ensure that you meet legal compliance, without taking time away from running your business, and without breaking the bank, then KSH Safety Services is for you.

You will receive a quality bespoke service, covering what your business requires. KSH Safety Services can act as your competent health and safety source, which is required by law for all businesses.

KSH Safety Services can review your health and safety management practices, draft policies, complete risk assessments, carry out audits, and provide training to your employees, and much more.

Contact us now and see how KSH Safety Services can help your business.

One client wrote:

"Kevin is always positive, enthusiastic and friendly and uses his excellent negotiation and mediation skills to great effect. He carefully planned the work that needed to be done and then engaged, motivated and coached the clients' facilities staff so they could take action themselves."

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