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Manual Handling Training

Health and safety training consultancy in St Helens

KSH Safety Services can offer a classroom based bespoke adult training course for your staff who do manual handling of objects excluding humans and animals as part of their job. They are interactive sessions and, following discussion with yourself, can be made bespoke to the manual handling that takes place in your business activities, as identified via risk assessment. 

The course is generally a few hours, and up to 3 courses can be held in the same day. Ideally it would be held at your site, but for an additional charge to cover room hire, at a venue elsewhere. Course costs depend on  location and number of people being trained.

Subjects included on this course:

  • What is manual handling

  • Why manual handling is an issue

  • Mechanical handling, including the use of trolleys

  • Manual handling risk assessment

  • The task involved in manual handling

  • The individual carrying out the task

  • The load being handled

  • The environment where the activity is taking place

  • Do's and Don'ts when manual handling

  • Good practice and Bad practice

  • Practical assessment

Note this course is not suitable for under 18s, people with ongoing back problems, or pregnant women. Flat shoes and trousers should be worn for the training.

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