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Fire Marshal / Warden Training

“The training given by Kevin was very thorough and informative. Thank you.” 

Rachel Eckersley, Joe Egan Solicitors

KSH Safety Services can offer a classroom based bespoke adult training course for your staff that are or are to become fire wardens or fire marshals. The training is interactive, and a requirement under fire safety legislation. 

The course is three hours and can be held at your site.  It is best held on site so that any layout / evacuation route issues raised can be discussed and resolved. Course costs depend on number of people being trained. 

Health and safety training consultancy in St Helens

Subjects in the training include:

  • What is fire?

  • What causes fire?

  • Identifying and dealing with fire hazards

  • How fire spreads

  • How people react to fire

  • The role of a fire marshal / warden

  • People at risk, including visitors and the public

  • Fire evacuation plans

  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans

  • Evacuation Chairs

  • Dealing with the press

  • What a fire marshal's role is not.

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