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2018 - that was the year (and a bit of 2017) that was

The story of KSH Safety Services’ first year is quite long, but we've achieved a hell of a lot - and these are just on our website. Here is a summary of all our posts, in case you missed any ... Preparation for the business started in November 2017, when our fledgling website promoted a new business venture as Coming Soon.

A few weeks later we announced our membership of St Helens Chamber.

Early December saw the first snow of the year, so we gave advice to businesses on being ready for the inclement weather. With mobile phone charging hitting the news due to fires, we published advice on the safe charging of devices. As we said goodbye to 2017, we looked at our plans for the year ahead, advising businesses to use the new year to improve their health and safety management. On 1 January 2018, we informed you of the new Ionising Radiation Regulations as they came into force before a few days later announcing our new suite of e-learning courses. Later that month, the courses went live via a promotional video just as our first clients came on board, and we started trading.

Following five high profile fires over the Christmas and New Year period, we advised on fire safety. Using the analogy of the Captain of the Titanic, we advised on workplace accidents.

Towards the end of January, we promoted our two Display Screen Equipment e-learning courses and advised on two hot topics for 2018 – sprinkler systems and allergen awareness. We talked about legal compliance for employers and the self employed and we looked at the new ISO Standard for health and safety management, ISO 45001, as it was launched. We asked what questions should companies be asking to improve their safety culture. Into February, and we advised companies about a new Standard when buying ladders. We also advised on our training on fire safety and separately on fire safety in