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'Tis the Season to Work Safely

As we enter the final month of the year, for many businesses it is the most important and busiest time of the year. For business owners and managers, health and safety is not usually top of their agenda.

However it is important not to let health and safety standards slip. No matter how busy you are, health and safety laws still apply.

Injuries around this time of year tend put extra stress on everyone. Imagine sitting around the Christmas table in a leg cast because you fell off a ladder or tripped over something. Or even worse, spending Christmas Day in hospital. Injuries at Christmas seem to magnify how many people are affected by an injury to one person. How many people count on you each day to come home safely? If you add them all up you might be surprised.

So while you are busy working through December, remember to keep yourself and your work colleagues safe.

(photo taken two years ago, before social distancing)


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