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Thoughts are with Valencia

Updated: Feb 24

KSH Safety Services is as shocked as everyone else about the terrible fire and events in the Campanar neighbourhood of Valencia. Events are ongoing but from footage on social media it is obvious that a catastrophic event similar to those of Grenfell Tower has happened.

Grenfell showed failings. Failings that those in charge of high rises around the world should have taken heed of and obviously have not.

Our thoughts are with everyone involved in todays fire, be they residents, injured, trapped and the emergency services.

KSH Safety Services está tan conmocionado como todos por el terrible incendio y los acontecimientos ocurridos en el barrio de Campanar de Valencia. Los acontecimientos continúan, pero a partir de las imágenes de las redes sociales se desprende claramente que ha ocurrido un acontecimiento catastrófico similar al de la Torre Grenfell.

Grenfell mostró fallas. Fallos a los que los responsables de los rascacielos de todo el mundo deberían haber prestado atención y, obviamente, no lo han hecho.

Nuestros pensamientos están con todos los involucrados en el incendio de hoy, ya sean residentes, heridos, atrapados y los servicios de emergencia.

Sadly there have been ten fatalities in this incident. Maybthey rest in peace.

According to @Thesecretff999 on X, "below is a list of high rise building fires I can find that have involved cladding since 1990, how many more before action is taken globally?

There have been 18 since the tragedy of Grenfell, and a staggering 46 since Lakanal House!

1. 393 Kennedy St, Winnipeg, Canada

2. Mercantile Credit Building, Basingstoke, UK

3. Knowsley Heights, Liverpool, UK

4. Sun Valley Poultry Factory, Hereford, UK

5. Düsseldorf Airport fire, Düsseldorf, Germany

6. Motomachi Apartments, Hiroshima, Japan

7. Eldorado Hotel, Reno, USA

8. Palace Station Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, USA

9. Garnock Court fire, Irvine, Scotland

10. Tip Top Bakery, Fairfield, Australia

11. Telstar House, London, UK

12. Parque Central Complex, Caracas, Venezuela

13. Windsor Tower, Madrid, Spain

14. Treskowstrasse Pankow Flats, Berlin, Germany

15. Water Club Tower, Borgata Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, USA

16. MGM Monte Carlo Hotel, Las Vegas, USA

17. De Punt fire, De Punt, Netherlands

18. Beijing Television Cultural Center, Beijing, China

19. Lakanal House, London, UK

20. Kozepszer Street Flats, Miskolc, Hungary

21. Al Kuwait Tower, Sharjah, UAE

22. Wooshin Golden Suites fire, Busan, South Korea

23. 4 Rue du Lac Flats, Dijon, France

24. Jiaozhou Road, Shanghai, China

25. Royal Wanxin Hotel, Shenyang, China

26. Al Baker Tower, Sharjah, UAE

27. Al Tayer Tower, Sharjah, UAE

28. Mermoz Tower, Roubaix, France

29. Polat Tower, Istanbul, Turkey

30. Saif Belhasa Building, Dubai, UAE

31. Tamweel Tower, Dubai, UAE

32. Grozny-City Towers, Chechnya, Russia

33. Al Hafeet Tower 2, Sharjah, UAE

34. Krasnoyarsk Apartments, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

35. Lacrosse Building, Melbourne, Australia

36. The Marina Torch, Dubai, UAE

37. Baku Residential Flats, Baku, Azerbaijan

38. Al Nasser Tower, Sharjah, UAE

39. Address Downtown Hotel, Dubai, UAE

40. Ajman One Complex, Ajman, UAE

41. Sulafa Tower, Dubai, UAE

42. Longsheng Building, Nanjing, China

43. Shepherds Court, London, UK

44. Neo Soho Project, Jakarta, Indonesia

45. Al Bandary Tower B, Sharjah, UAE

46. Oceana Adriatic Building, Dubai, UAE

47. Address Residences Fountain Views, Dubai, UAE

48. Grenfell Tower fire, London, UK

49. The Marina Torch, Dubai, UAE

50. Yuansheng International, Zhengzhou, China

51. Taksim Ilk Yardim Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

52. Zen Tower, Dubai, UAE

53. Neo 200, Melbourne, Australia

54. Kaifeng Apartments, Kaifeng, China

55. Golden Eagle Shopping Mall, Nanjing, China

56. Commercial Building, Luoyang, China

57. Residential Flats, Warsaw, Poland

58. The Cube Student Housing, Bolton, UK

59. Abbco Tower, Sharjah, UAE

60. Business Centre, Ankara, Turkey

61. Madrid Tower Block, Madrid, Spain

62. Apartment Block, Uslan, South Korea

63. Apartment Block, Shijiazhuang, China

64. Torre dei Moro, Milan, Italy

65. Apartment Block, Dubai, UAE

66. Apartment Block, Valencia, Spain"


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