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Slava Ukraini

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

KSH Safety Services condemns entirely any nation that attacks and invades any other nation in an aggressive, violent and totally unprovoked manner.

We condemn Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, its attack on innocent people and on its threats to nations across the world.

We support all sanctions against Russia being made at this time.

KSH Safety Services is in business to support the health, safety and welfare of employees of the businesses it works with. It cannot support any individual, organisation or nation that puts the health and safety of others at serious risk like Russia has done in recent days.

We support all Ukrainians and those helping them and urge you, if you can, to support either:

If you are worried, anxious or depressed about the news at present, you may wish to visit or call one of the UK numbers below.

Access to BBC websites has been restricted in Russia - and may, as the conflict escalates, be restricted in Ukraine, so here’s advice on how to access BBC News from Russia and Ukraine (Source: BBC World News):


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