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The Sense of Sight and Health & Safety

In our final look at the senses, and how they can help with health and safety management, we take a look at the sense of sight. We use our eyes to see.

Eyes are vitally important to us - they allow us to see, they attract people to you, and they say a lot about you. They also allow us to see dangers and hazards. It is a topic we have discussed previously, but without good eyesight, or the ability to see clearly, we can put our lives, and that of others, at risk.

Yet eyes are also very fragile. Many activities at work could cause eye problems or even sight loss.

In an office environment for example, staring at a monitor for hours at a time can cause eye strain and headaches.

Remember too that eye tests can pick up tumours, cancers, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid issues and so much more, so make sure you have an eye test at least once every two years.

Bright lights, sparks and splashes of chemical, dust and fumes can all affect the eyes and eyesight.

Drivers have to meet particular standards to be able to drive.

Employers must look after you and your eyes. A famous legal case in the House of Lords from 1950, Paris v Stepney Borough Council, set the precedent for this.

Paris was employed by Stepney Borough Council as garage-hand. He had suffered a war injury that left him with sight in only one eye. While he was attempting to loosen a rusted car axle bolt with a hammer, he caused a chip of metal to fly into his sighted eye, and as a result was permanently blinded in both eyes. The council only issued eye protection goggles to its employees who were welders or tool-grinders. They knew that Paris only had one eye, but failed in their Duty to protect his good eye, and did not provide him with safety goggles.

Users of computers are entitled to eye tests from employers via the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, and employers must prevent harm to eyes via control measures implemented as a result of risk assessment.

If you run a business and need help to ensure you protect yours and your employees eyes and sight, then contact us now for help and advice.

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