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KSH Safety Services exhibits at network event

On Friday 7 February, KSH Safety Services exhibited at the Shout Network Joint Meeting at the Mercure Georgian House Hotel in Bolton. Shout organises many fortnightly business network single sector meetings across the north west, and every few months the various groups get together for a joint meeting, at which members can chose to exhibit.

Our stand at the event focussed on our campaign of The Four Seasons of Health and Safety.

Congratulations to Jonathan Hughes-Deane of Whitehead & Aldrich who won our prize draw of a box of chocolates.

The Shout Network is one of several business network groups that KSH Safety Services takes part in. Networking does work. But there are rules.

  1. Plan and prepare a business pitch.

  2. Talk to everyone, even those who you don’t think can help you. Remember everyone knows other people.

  3. Dont expect instant results. Networking is about building up trust, and trust takes time. I met a HR Consultant about 18 months ago at a network event, last month she phoned me up out of the blue, and we are now helping one of her clients. Those you meet will use you when they are ready.

  4. Give as much as you take. Don’t go for the sell, but to build relationships. If you know someone who can help a fellow networker, link the two together.

  5. Arrange 1-2-1 meetings outside the network Meeting. Get to know each other.

At least half of KSH Safety Services work comes directly or indirectly from networking. The same could happen with your business.