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Leaping into the Meteorological Spring

Today is the Leap Day, 29th February. It happens once every four years, and has been a day of traditions, folklore and superstitions since first introduced by Julius Caesar 2000 years ago. Most notably, it's the day women traditionally propose to men.

But this year it also marks the last day of the Meteorological Winter. Tomorrow is the start of Spring.

Regular visitors to our website will know that throughout 2020, KSH Safety Services are looking at the Four Seasons and how it can impact health and safety. Some topics are serious, others more light hearted. During the campaign we are splitting winter into two - January and February, with its return in December, so as of tomorrow our posts will be more Spring like.

So before we metaphorically leap into Spring, here is a brief summary of what you may have missed this Winter.

In January we asked When is it too cold to work looking at what workers rights are when it comes to temperature. Our networking partners, Concierge Claims Management, wrote a guest article on safe winter driving tips and we gave advice on best practice for working outdoors in cold and extreme winter weather.

We gave some advice on avoiding slips and trips in winter, and on the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. For Blue Monday, we gave information on managing sickness absence, and in late January, information on dealing drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

We also advised on how to clear snow and ice from your premises, and as we entered February, with Corona virus cases on the rise, we advised on the simple infection control measure of how to properly wash your hands. We also looked at the other health issue that affects people in winter, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

On 7 February, we exhibited at the Shout Joint Network, focussing on the Four Seasons of Health and Safety, and with an increase in stormy and windy weather, we looked at how to stay safe in the gales, also providing useful contacts for those struggling with floods and other extreme weather.

We took a slightly more lighthearted look at singles on Valentine's Day, and how not to miss out. We ended our early year jaunt into winter with a look at the dangers of hot ashes, and also at how ashes are a symbol of hope.

When Winter returns in December, we will look at more seasonal aspects of winter safety. But from tomorrow, Spring is here, and we will Spring into Safety with more information and tips as we go along. We will be looking, amongst other issues, at the importance of spring cleaning, alcohol safety, the dangers of horseplay, barbecue safety, pollen and allergies, gardening safety, the hazards associated with working outdoors in warmer weather, and much more.

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