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Is your business ready for winter?

With the weather taking a turn for the worse this weekend, is your business ready for winter, so you can keep your staff, customers, clients and the public safe and warm?

The Health and Safety at Work Act, etc 1974 places a Duty of Care on businesses to protect everyone on or passing their premises. A winter weather risk assessment and plan should be completed and this should include:

* Ensuring the regular maintenance and inspection by qualified engineers of heating systems so that they do not break down and are kept in a safe condition

* Checking roofing to ensure there is no build up of water, ice or snow that could damage it, guttering or downspouts

* Ensuring access routes, car parks and walkways are kept free from ice and snow. "Slipping on ice" is a common cause of insurance claims against businesses in the winter.

* Trees and branches do not cause hazards if they fall, or slip hazards from leaves.

If you are unsure how to go about creating a plan or risk assessment on this or any other health and safety issue, KSH Safety Services can help. Click here to contact us.


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