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The dangers of hot ashes

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Did you know that ash can remain hot for several days?

As the winter continues, more people are lighting wood burners and fireplaces.

Safe disposal of hot ash and embers

  • Store ash and hot coals in a metal container that can be tightly closed with a metal lid. This helps keep air from blowing through and disturbing the ashes which can leave hot coals exposed for re-ignition.

  • Wet the ashes prior to closing the metal lid.

Do not store your metal ash container:

  • inside the house

  • on a timber deck

  • in a garage

  • in a shed

  • or in any location that may allow heat to transfer from hot coals to nearby flammable items

Never empty ashes into:

  • a paper or plastic bag

  • cardboard box

  • or other similar containers


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