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Health and Safety Jigsaws

I have always been a lover of jigsaws. When stressed or under pressure and needing to relax, I can concentrate for a short while on a puzzle and not on my worries or concerns. The brain relaxes allowing you to then concentrate on solving the problems of the day.

They are like life itself. Every problem is a jigsaw piece. Slot them together and that problem is solved. Put a piece in the wrong place and the problem gets worse. Slot in that last piece, or that lost piece and life is bliss. I have recently found the lost pieces to my puzzle, and set up KSH Safety Services - the best thing I have done for years. My own boss working for clients I want to when I want. What could be better?

Jigsaws are also like a good health and safety management system. Each piece is a particular health and safety task. Slot them together and you have a system that can work for your business whilst ensuring legal compliance. The health and safety jigsaw needn't cost the earth.

KSH Safety Services offer four packages, starting at just over £3 a day, to help your business solve it's jigsaw puzzle. Contact us today for more information, or click here for more details.


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