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It's 2020. Welcome to the Four Seasons of Health and Safety

Happy New Year. We wish you all a peaceful and above all safe 2020.

A new year, a new decade. And the start of KSH Safety Services' year long campaign on the four seasons and it's impact on health and safety management.

Via blog posts (kshsafety.com/four-seasons), social media (search for the hashtag #4seasonsHS on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), and various events and presentations throughout the next 366 days, we aim to bring you advice, tips and support relevant to the current season.

Just some of the information the campaign will cover include (nowhere near exhaustive):


  • safe winter driving

  • the dangers of carbon monoxide

  • cold weather working

  • slips and trips on car parks and paths

  • managing sickness absence

  • home working

  • loneliness

  • outdoor safety in winter

  • fire safety, and

  • towards the end of the year, Christmas safety


  • Easter safety

  • spring cleaning

  • alcohol safety

  • outdoor safety in Spring

  • longer days and shorter nights

  • The dangers of horseplay

  • Barbecue safety

  • Gardening safely


  • staying safe in hot weather

  • surviving lightning

  • Festival safety

  • Summer driving

  • Holiday safety

  • Summer closedowns and maintenance

  • The Olympics and Paralympics


  • back to work

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Merseyside Business Expo

  • Darker days, longer nights

  • Halloween safety

  • Fireworks and bonfire safety

  • fire safety