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IIRSM Member Discount for those passing e-learning courses

Did You know that candidates completing any of our IIRSM approved e-learning courses now qualify for discounted IIRSM membership?

Individuals that complete an IIRSM approved course are entitled to either

15% off their first year’s affiliate subscription fee


Application Fee (£50) waived if joining as an associate or full member

Many of our e-learning courses apply and it will mention IIRSM on your certificate if this applies to any courses you do or have done. Contact us for your discount code. The IIRSM is the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management.

For a full list of courses visit KSHSafety.com/online

Click the course you want, and it will tell you if the course is IIRSM approved. Our popular IIRSM Approved courses include Working Safely, Electricity at Work, Behavioural Safety, and Display Screen Equipment Awareness, amongst others.

Our courses are administered through Videotile Learning Limited. ​Our RoSPA, IATP, CPD, IIRSM & IFE approved courses are owned by VideoTile Learning Ltd and are distributed under licence.Copyright VideoTile Learning Ltd © 2011 - 2019

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