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Checklist for closing your business premises

With Government advice now saying that where possible, work from home, the following checklist may help you remember to close down your premises securely until the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis is over:

  • Test your alarms (intruder and fire / smoke) and fire equipment. Ensure there is always someone on call should alarms activate.

  • Keep all combustibles to a minimum, and away from the perimeter of the building.

  • Empty or lock bins and skips.

  • Make sure doors, windows and gates are locked. Secure all company valuables.

  • Turn off machinery and electrical equipment where possible. You may wish to consider having evening lights on a timer to suggest people are inside if you usually operate 24 hours.

  • Check fridges, cupboards and other areas for perishable foods, including vending machines.

  • Back up your computer systems and ensure servers have sufficient air flow.

  • Turn off air conditioning, lighting, computers and fans, if not needed.

  • Make sure the building is empty before you lock up, and turn the alarms on.

  • If you share premises, make sure you co-ordinate plans with other tenants.

  • Inform your landlord or managing agent that the building will be closed.

  • Rearrange deliveries for your return.

  • Set answer phones and voicemails with emergency contact details.

  • Keep empty tills open to show they are empty.

  • Make sure your insurance covers you for the closedown period.

By putting all this into place, you can ensure that your business remains ready for your return after the current crisis is over.

Useful websites and official information can be found at KSHSafety.com/coronavirus