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If you want your business to be World Class, act World Class

It is something most business owners strive for - to be the best of the best - to make our businesses World Class.

Last week I took a rare day off work, for a day of leisure, with two amazing organisations.

I got the opportunity to go on a stadium tour of Anfield, home of the world famous Liverpool Football Club. The visit also included a chance to be photographed with their recently won 6th European Cup, a trip to their museum all about their proud history (and their five other European Cup successes) and a meal in their Boot Room Cafe. The same evening, I visited Three Sisters Circuit in Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan for half an hour of outdoor karting at their popular circuit.

Two completely different activities at two venues - and both in their own way World Class.

Liverpool FC are a huge worldwide brand, so they have to get the customer experience right. And they do in outstanding fashion. From the moment you arrive, a mix of politeness, efficiency, Scouse humour, and just being treated as though they were honoured to have you there, the whole experience was run to perfection. Questions answered, problems resolved, people treated equally with respect, and safety a top priority.

Even the toilets were spotlessly clean, and - in a correct but brilliant touch - I understand that female sanitary products were available for free. A small thing for a huge club to do - but one that would make a huge difference to some women and girls.

The stewards in the long queues to see their latest trophy were efficient and kept it moving while maintaining safety at all times.

The restaurant was organised efficiently, and the food and service second to none.

People come from all over the world at great expense to visit Anfield. Liverpool FC recognise that and treat everyone as they should be.

That evening I went karting. It was a prize I won at a Business Expo. Three Sisters Circuit is a much smaller outfit than Liverpool FC, but again, customer service and safety throughout were second to none.

I have never done karting to this scale before, and naturally was a tad nervous. The way the staff treated everyone was what you would expect from a World Class organisation.

The safety talk and video, the fitting of overalls and helmet, down to the marshalling and safety on the track, and the staff being respectful, helpful and safety conscious throughout.

Two organisations in one day. One enormous brand, and one much smaller brand. Both World Class. And why? Because they had excellent, faultless customer service throughout - and they had the right health and safety systems in place.

Thank you to both venues for making it a day to remember forever.

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