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The gift of life

Last night I had a very pleasant surprise.

Last year my mum’s cousin, Len Saunders was killed in a horrific attack. At a commemoration event yesterday I met a young woman who it turns out is only alive because she now has my mum’s cousin’s liver.

If you are not on the organ donor register please get on it now and stop being selfish.

You could save numerous lives after you die.

Give the gift of life this Christmas - it costs nothing but means everything.

Join the Organ Donation Register at https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk

Pictured below, the organ recipient hands some angel wings to the committee for Lucem House Community Cinema Plus in St Helens. My mum's cousin volunteered at the cinema.

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Len's family are also supporting the Safer St Helens "One Punch Can Kill" campaign. Please take care this Christmas. Remember - Alcohol can change the way you act. Stop the drunken violence. Think about the consequences. Walk Away! Full details on this campaign can be found at http://safer.sthelens.gov.uk/pages/one-punch-can-kill/