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There will be no immediate H&S changes after Brexit

While the political wrangling over whether we have a Deal or No Deal continues in this country and across Europe, government officials continue to be busy tweaking laws to ensure that after Brexit Day in March, the country’s legal system does not grind to a halt.

Many may not realise, but most European health and safety laws originated in one way or anotherin the United Kingdom. We have led the way in ensuring that not only our workforce is safe, but so is that of the rest of Europe.

For years Britain has led the world with health and safety. Heavy fines, good enforcement, and good management of health and safety mean that the UK has one of the best accident records of any country in the world.

Thankfully that will continue. Whatever happens with Brexit, a piece of law has entered Statute that means all current laws will continue to apply to the UK after we leave the EU. The Health and Safety (Amendment)(EU Exit) Regulations 2018 ensures that all existing workforce protection under law will remain in place. 

This can only be a good thing. More on the new law can be found at https://www.gov.uk/eu-withdrawal-act-2018-statutory-instruments/the-health-and-safety-amendment-eu-exit-regulations-2018

The future of good health and safety practice in the UK now looks good.