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Putting fear and stress into perspective

Many of us are worried and stressed about what the future may bring - for our businesses, our personal lives, our families, and maybe dare I say it for our country’s future (Brexit). However many of our fears can be resolved by simply talking to someone.

This week I came into possession of a photo - my 2x great uncle, George Edward Hindley, taken when he enlisted into the 9th Battalion of the Kings (Liverpool Regiment) during the First World War.

Look into his eyes and you can see fear and anguish - for the unknown horrors he may come across, for his future, and for the family he compulsorily left behind.

George was killed in action just over ten weeks before the Armistice was signed. His body was never found / identified. The fears in his eyes were real and justified.

Whenever I am worried from now on I will look at this picture and realise that although to me my worries may be great, they are nothing when you compare them to the brave men who fought for our freedom more than a century ago.

Another 2 x great uncle fought in the Boer War and tried unsuccessfully to enlist for the First World War, but his health was not good enough. Sadly Arthur Heywood killed himself by throwing himself into the Bridgewater Canal in Leigh because of the perceived stigma he had for not doing his bit.

I am not saying modern stressors are not as real as those George and Arthur and countless others went through, but for many of us, when you step back, they are not. We just think they are.

How do you deal with worries and concerns in your lives?

If you are worried or concerned and don’t have anyone close to you you can talk to without judging you, there are people who can help you. For example you can call the Samaritans - an amazing charity - on 116123 from the UK.