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Are you a Great Pretender?

Last night I went to watch a film - Bohemian Rhapsody.

​It is a film not only about a group of musicians who became one of the most successful bands in rock history, but a film about the ups and downs of life focusing on a flamboyant individual who thrived on fame and fortune, but who, through the film, came across as quite lonely, often shy man unable to cope with the pressures success brought, and possibly even depressive.

Freddie Mercury once sang about being "The Great Pretender", and maybe that is what he was - a pretender.

Many people put on an act in public, and yet behind the scenes, off stage, are struggling with many problems and worries, illnesses and debt. It is all part of marketing ourselves and our businesses.

There is nothing wrong in that, as long as at some point we can release the tensions and problems we have in life to someone. A study in 2017, into what helps people relieve the stress they are under identified music was one solution. Ironically, top of the pile for music to offer relief was the music of Queen - in particular the hit that involved the audience the most - We Will Rock You.

If you haven't seen the film, do so - it's excellent. Even if you are not a Queen fan (do those people even exist?) it highlights the struggles people face in their lives.

And if you are struggling with life, talk to someone. If you have no one to talk to - there are organisations that can help, and will listen without judging. Don't bottle things up. Play your favourite music - and sing along to it. Music helps people. Try it.

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