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Health and safety can be found in strange places

Over the years I have been fascinated by the strangest places health and safety warnings crop up. This slightly tongue-in-cheek post highlights a few of my favourites.  

A few years ago I was given a book in a Secret Santa called “Games for Bored Adults” (Ebury Press, 2016 ISBN 9781785033063). In it was a party game called Cereal Killer where players (after a few drinks) tried picking an empty cereal box up off the floor using only their teeth without touching the floor with any part of their body but their feet. The warning that comes with it says “This game carries serious risk of face planting the floor and other funny but potentially painful hazards”.

In the early 2000s I visited Western Canada and came across a tree stump at a height that would make a good seat if it wasn’t for the sign attached to it that read ”Warning Sticky Stump”. 

Overseas travel can often involve poorly translated safety signs. During one holiday in Turkey a few years ago was a sign in multiple languages alongside a swimming pool and beach. The English translation could very easily be misinterpreted. It said:

“Beach Rules:

Our hotel is not responsible for your valuable stuff lost on the beach.

Do not leave your children alone by the seaside.

Do not swim alone.

Do not use alcohol before swimming.

Do not jump from the wharf.”

Not too bad so far, I admit but then it said the best of the lot...

“Use the specially separated from the accidents that may occur in the beach during sport despite the fact that daily beach cleaning is made.”

Have you come across any classic health and safety warnings with a humorous touch? Email them to me at info@kshsafety.com