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From concept to reality

A year ago today I posted this on Facebook, and the concept for my business was born. Thank you to everyone who has helped on the journey so far. I love what I do and this is just the beginning.... 

Coming soon - something I have wanted to do for years... KSH Safety Services. If you know of any business looking for health and safety advice, audits, inspections, risk assessments, policies and procedures, consultancy or training, from an award winning health and safety professional with 18 years experience then ask them to contact me with their details at info@kshsafety.com More details to follow over the coming weeks as I set my new business up.” 

From that initial mention twelve months ago, to completing a start up programme and preparing the business for launch in January, to my first clients to a wide range of clientele with different requirements, it has been a year of a few downs and many many positives.

Join me as the adventure continues and develops.

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