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Previous event: Playing with Fire

On 14th June last year a fault in a refrigerator caused a small fire in a second floor flat in north west London. Within minutes an entire skyscraper of flats was ablaze and Britain’s worst health and safety disaster of this millennium occurred. Eight months earlier, the Grenfell Tower residents action group wrote of serious concerns on their web site that they firmly believed that "only an incident that results in [the] serious loss of life of ... residents will allow the external scrutiny to occur". They believe that warnings were repeatedly made, lessons ignored from other fires, and nothing was done about it. The same happens and has happened with every major health and safety related tragedy throughout history. We learn, we act - sometimes too late, but we never do enough. And tragedy repeats itself. On 27 June, and in his one-off first ever 4Sight for the popular 4Networking St Helens Breakfast group , KSH Safety Services’ owner Kevin Heywood talked about how very rarely do we learn lessons from our mistakes, and that can lead to tragedy - how we are playing with fire. Using examples as diverse as cavemen, and Grenfell Tower, he explained how we have not fully learned from previous serious incidents and why it is important that we do learn from previous accidents within our businesses.

An article is available on the subject on this website.

One attendee, Ann-Marie Clare from Ann-Marie Clare Coaching, called the 4Sight "Brilliant" on Facebook.

Another attendee, Sarah Shields, from Simply Saz, and acting Group Leader for 4Networking St Helens added "Brilliant 4Sight & article. Looking forward to seeing your other 4Sights too."

Three further 4Sights on health and safety subjects are planned for later this summer at 4Networking groups in Bolton (14 August), Liverpool East (4 September) and Salford Quays (26 September).