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How the inspirational words of an Olympian helped me establish my business

Many of us are currently being amazed by the courage, bravery and speed of the world’s best winter sports men and women as they battle for gold in the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Four years ago this week, on 14 February 2014, a British Olympian won gold for hurtling herself down a mountain on nothing more than a tea tray.

For me it wasn’t Lizzy Yarnold winning gold for Great Britain that I remember, nor was it the huge risks to safety that her and her fellow athletes endured, but rather what she said afterwards in her interview with the BBC.

Her words have become an inspirational motto to me, and words I am following as I  establish my new health and safety consultancy business, KSH Safety Services.

“Follow your dreams”, she said “never give up, and never limit yourself to what you can achieve.”  

For anyone who has set up a new small business, you will know how brutally true this is. 

I have followed my dream of many years to go alone with my own business. It hasn’t been easy and expect it not to be going forward- many hurdles to overcome. And I know that, with hard work, dedication and the will to succeed, that this is only the start of an exciting future for me, my business, and my clients.

As work is now starting to come into my business, I am confident that my successes will grow and grow.

For anyone setting up their own business I have just one piece of advice. Stay strong. Stay committed. Never disbelieve that you can do it. Follow Lizzy Yarnold’s inspirational words.

And if you want to know more, contact me and we can have a chat on how we can help each other.

Whatever you do in life, never give up. Good luck in all your enterprises. 

UPDATE: 17 February 2018 - Lizzy has done it again another Gold, this time saying “The whole team all dared to dream that this was possible and I just went with all of them and we managed it”

Congratulations Lizzy, and all our medalists.