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How, why, who, what, where & when?

Throughout my nearly two decades in the health and safety profession, I have been asked an unknown number of times questions that, with thought, could help your business improve its safety culture.

These questions come from people at all levels in the organisations in question, from top management to those on the shop floor.

  • HOW does health and safety affect me or my business?

  • HOW can our health and safety practices be improved?

  • WHY do I need a health and safety policy?

  • WHY do I need to attend this health and safety training course?

  • WHO do I go to when I need to report a health and safety issue?

  • WHO is responsible for my health and safety at work?

  • WHAT health and safety laws apply to me?

  • WHAT documents do I need?

  • WHEN do I need to report an accident at work?

  • WHEN should I do a risk assessment?

  • WHERE should I display a health and safety noticeboard?

  • WHERE do I go to for help on a health and safety issue?

Every one of these Hows, Whys, Whos, Whats, Whens and Wheres are important questions, and whilst the answers to these questions may be obvious to some, they are not to everyone. In fact, if you don't know the answers to the questions above, then contact me now and I will help you.

But if your employees are coming to you asking these questions, or just ignoring them completely, then maybe you need to do something about it.

So what can you do? A few years ago, a former colleague told me the words below. A good health and safety culture in your business starts with you.

By reading this article, you are already beginning to THINK SAFETY. Make some notes on your THOUGHTS and yes they do become WORDS.

TALK ABOUT SAFETY - about those words - the Hows, Whys, Whose, Whats, Whens and Wheres with your colleagues.

Those Words will then become ACTIONS. TEACH those SAFETY actions to your workforce, and that training will, over time, turn those ACTIONS into HABITS. Once good habits grow (and try to keep out bad or old habits), then your workforce will WORK more SAFELY.

This good practice becomes noticed by others, accidents reduce, productivity rockets, the CHARACTER of your business in all its activities improves for the better. Your business can become an icon of good practice, and that can only be good for your business' DESTINY.

Good health and safety management and developing a good safety culture needn't cost the earth. But thinking about a few simple Hows, or Whys, Whos, Whats, Whens or Wheres can lead to many benefits for you, your workforce, and your business.

For help and assistance that won't break the bank, contact me for information.

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