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Night-time hazards

We have now passed the autumnal equinox. There is, until the end of March, now more hours of darkness than there is daylight in the northern hemisphere.

This creates numerous hazards for everyone.

One of the most important hazards is for drivers. More people have accidents on the roads in the dark mornings and evenings of autumn and winter than they do in the lighter spring and summer. Earlier in the year, our friends at Concierge Claims Management did a blog on winter driving for us. And RoSPA have an excellent fact sheet on safe driving at night.

Pedestrians are often difficult to see, so if walking at night, ensure you wear light coloured clothes or something fluorescent.

In businesses, make sure your factory yard is well illuminated when working, aS well as any pedestrian routes or car parks.

If you are going out, follow the Coronavirus rules and regulations for your area. Always stay safe. Try and avoid walking alone. Stay in a small group for your Personal Safety. Book a taxi or lift. Drink in moderation, stay in well lit areas, and keep valuables hidden or at home. Avoid getting in a fight.


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