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The importance of training fire wardens

Fire wardens - sometimes called fire marshals - have become vitally important workplaces everywhere.

With approximately 160,000 fires in England each year, and around 250 fatalities, the importance of fire safety continues to be of paramount importance. Of those fatalities, just a handful occurred in the workplace.

Why? Because in a workplace, the employer has to carry out a fire risk assessment, ensure fire detection and fire extinguishers are maintained, and because they have to plan evacuations, and train employees to assist in evacuations.

Barely a week goes by without local news outlets reporting on a fire in a business.

Fire wardens are an important role for any workplace. They help save lives when the worst happens. They identify areas where fires could start. Training fire wardens also helps keep homes safe, as many who attend training change things or plan at home as well.

Employers have a legal duty to ensure that all people in their building can get out quickly and safety in an emergency situation.

One of our most popular courses is our on site fire marshal training course. If you have not trained up any fire wardens, or they need refresher training, contact us today. Find out more about our on site course here.

We also have e-learning fire warden courses available. Ideally these are back up courses to the face-to-face, and they are available here. A care home version is also available.

KSH Safety Services can also help you with fire risk assessments, or with emergency plans. Contact us for more information.