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Good luck Team GB, and stay safe

KSH Safety Services wishes all our athletes the very best of wishes for a successful Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

As these athletes prove, the more you train, the more you succeed. It is the same in all sport and in life in general.

KSH Safety Services has a suite of over 100 e-learning courses to help everyone train on their route to success. Throughout this summer of sport, we are offering 10% off all courses booked through our website where the code 10KSHOFFER is added at checkout.

For full details of all our courses, covering a wide variety of subjects, visit www.kshsafety.com/online, where you can click on any course name to buy or for further information.

Throughout the summer, we will be featuring different sports, not just Olympic sports, across social media, publicising this offer. These are shown below. Let's make this a summer of success.

In addition, if you’re taking part in sports this summer, here are some links to useful safety tips: (external links open in a new window)

Cycling Boxing Hockey

Swimming Golf Volleyball

Diving Gymnastics Skateboarding

Triathlon Athletics Judo

Taekwondo Rugby Fencing

Table tennis Cricket Rowing

Weightlifting Tennis Sailing