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Scheduling your health and safety activities

Many health and safety checks are a legal requirement for businesses, some need doing weekly, some monthly, some annually, and one every 14 months! Do you have a schedule for what needs doing when? Here is our simple guide to legal and recommended schedules. It is not an exhaustive list.

Daily Tasks

  • Investigate and report serious accidents immediately

  • Check if the asbestos register has changed, or if there has been any damage to it.

  • As part of contractor vetting, is all your documentation adequate and up to date?

  • Check any Hot Work Permits are in date and controlled.

  • Inspect ladders before use.

  • Inspect vehicles before use.

  • Ensure all fire exit doors are unlocked at the start of shift.

Weekly Tasks

  • Visual checks on fire extinguishers and their locations and record findings.

  • Test fire alarms.

Monthly Tasks

  • Test emergency lighting.

  • Test smoke alarms.

  • Review any medical surveillance records.

  • Review legionella risk assessments and controls.

Quarterly Tasks

  • Checks that ladders are up to standard.

  • Are first aider certificates in date or due to expire in the next three months?

Six-monthly Tasks

  • Have you done driver risk assessments and checked points or driver bans?

  • Hoist inspections.

  • LOLER inspections on passenger lifts.

  • LOLER inspections on fork lift trucks that carry people (e.g. man riding cage).

  • Run a fire evacuation drill and record findings and improvements needed.

Annual Tasks

  • LOLER inspections on fork lift trucks

  • Compressors over 250 bar / litres or autoclaves inspected

  • Checks on correct installation of equipment and appliances using LPG

  • DSE Workstation Risk Assessments

  • Home working risk assessments

  • Inspection by Gas Safe registered company of all gas burning appliances

  • Maintenance checks on fire extinguishers, alarms and detection systems.

  • Review of risk assessment