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Presentation given on workstations and its affect on your health

Photo courtesy of Sarah Shields

Do you sit for part or most of the day at a computer workstation, either in the office, at home, or both?

Have you ever considered what harm this is doing to your health?

On Thursday 31 January, I gave a 20 minute talk as a part of the 4Networking Warrington Breakfast meeting, explaining ten ways that your office workstation could be harming your health, and what you can do about it.

Photo courtesy of Hayley Hilton

Photo courtesy of Hayley Hilton

One networker at the meeting, Hayley Hilton from Hands on Heart Clinical Canine Massage, stated on Facebook the day after the event:

"So all day I've been conscious of the way I've been sitting... both with AND without my laptop... Kevin ... you have a lot to answer for!!!! ... Not only did he teach us about the importance of correct seating position and desk contents and lighting... but also trip hazards and bacteria levels on everything we use... AND THEN WE EAT AT OUR DESKS!!!!!! #Euwwwwww I'm a scientist and it never occurred to me!!!!!"

Photo courtesy of Sarah Shields

Last summer, I gave the same presentation to a group of business people in Preston, after which I wrote this article on the subject: https://www.kshsafety.com/single-post/2018/07/19/Ten-ways-your-office-workstation-could-be-harming-your-health

I also took part in a television interview in the autumn on the subject (below). If you have workstation health and safety issues in your business, contact us today at www.kshsafety.com/contact