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Introducing our new company mascot

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Last week on social media I introduced our new teddy bear, sporting a KSH Safety Services tee shirt and fashionable (if a little snug fitting) hi-viz vest.

I asked for suggestions for a name. Many ideas were made, including

  • Beethoven

  • Super Ted

  • Bob

  • Len

  • Safety Sam

  • Kirsty

  • K2

  • Kevin 2

  • Sweet

  • Bibbie

  • Teflon

  • Shinny

  • Caramel

  • Beary McBearface

  • Beary McCleary

  • Manuel Handling

  • To Tector

  • Donald Bump

  • Jim Slip

  • Bear Minimum

  • Maria Von Trip

  • Care Bear

  • Cautious Bear

  • Buddy Bear

  • Ernie

  • Big Nev

  • Kushti

But one name, particularly amongst those who know me, reappeared several times.

Why? Because many people call it me, hopefully in error as I share the first two letters. I am regularly being called it, and have numerous emails addressed to that name, not mine.

It is definitely not, for legal reasons, because of anything to do with a Bolton comedian. Any link to that is definitely coincidental.

So, everyone, say a huge welcome to....

Keith Bear.

On being appointed mascot, Keith said: "I am so pleased to become the mascot at KSH Safety Services. I look forward to helping to prevent people and businesses from having growlers when it comes to health and safety.".

He continued "I want to ensure people paws for thought before rushing into decisions that may lead to accidents or injury. Everyone needs to go home safely after work, so that teddy bears everywhere continue to be cuddled."

Keith will be appearing on social media over coming months. Keep an eye out for him.


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