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50 things to do when self-isolating

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Don’t do any of the following if it may compromise your health or that of those you are in isolation with.

1. While sitting, lift your right leg and make clockwise circular motions. At the same time, with your right hand draw a 6 in the air. The foot changes direction.

2. Phone a friend, especially if they are self-isolating too.

3. Take a bath.

4. Listen to music, and maybe dance.

5. Learn something new. E-learning is great for this.

6. Listen to a guided relaxation.

7. Meditate.

8. Read a book.

9. Decorate the house / DIY

10. Do a jigsaw puzzle.

11. Do crosswords or sudoku.

13. Take a nap.

14. Watch nature documentaries.

15. Listen to the radio.

16. Write a journal or a blog.

17. Write a book.

18. Write a poem.

19. Read poetry.

20. Do your accounts.

21. Plan a holiday for when it’s all over.

22. Examine an everyday object with fresh eyes

23. Colour with crayons

24. Draw or paint a picture

25. Do some gentle stretches.

26. Walk up and down stairs.

27. Wash your hands... regularly

28. Forgive someone.

29. Do something kind.

30. Let out a big sigh.

31. Give thanks. Pray.

32. Learn how to knit or crochet.

33. Play a board game.

34. Sing.

35. Laugh and smile.

36. Spring clean.

37. Network online.

38. Research your family history online.

39. Browse through old photos.

40. Watch a movie or box set on TV.

41. Look out of the window at the gardens, scenery, wildlife.

42. Create music with neighbours through open windows

43. Invent a new game.

44. Play cards.

45. Play the Lottery (buy online).

46. Keep your distance from others.

47. Sort out your wardrobe removing those items you never wear.

48. Write an email.

49. Plan a charity fundraising event or activity for when it’s all over.

50. Don’t be lonely... talk to people, keep occupied.


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