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Health and Safety News January 2019

These are some of the health and safety news items I have found recently that may be relevant to clients and others.

New guidance on rescuing people from MEWPs (mobile elevated work platforms) has been published by the Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group. The document is called "Rescue of Persons from MEWPs" and can be downloaded free (after registering) at www.cpa.uk.net/sfpsgpublications.

The Health and Safety Executive has launched a new toolkit to help employers tackle work-related stress. The Talking Toolkit can be found on the HSE's "Go Home Healthy" website at www.hse.gov.uk/gohomehealthy/stress.htm

A new online toolkit to help control welding fumes has been launched by the Breathe Freely Initiative, a campaign run by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS). More information can be found at www.breathefreely.org.uk/wst

The weather is forecast to turn more wintery over coming weeks. Is your business prepared? We wrote this article last winter. It is still relevant. https://www.kshsafety.com/single-post/Is-your-business-ready-for-winter

The Health and Safety (Amendment)(EU Exit) Regulations 2018 ensures that all existing protection under law continues after the UK leaves the EU. More at https://www.gov.uk/eu-withdrawal-act-2018-statutory-instruments/the-health-and-safety-amendment-eu-exit-regulations-2018

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