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Presentation given to Preston businesses on workstation safety

On 19 July I delivered a 4Sight presentation to the 4Networking Preston group of local businesses at Huntley’s Salmesbury. Giving ten ways that your workstation could cause health problems, I explained practical solutions to resolving the issues using various props such as a jam doughnut and a shopping bag as well as alternative pieces of work equipment. 

Feedback was positive:

“It was a really good and informative presentation. Loads of tips for increasing wellbeing and safety at work. Simple tips which could ultimately save thousands in absenteeism. Great stuff!” said Jen Hinds, of Always Oarsome.

“Thank you Kevin. Excellent 4Sight and I’m sure there will be more people conscious of their workstations.” said Lateef Badat of ALB Coaching.

Terry Shields from Terryokee added “A wonderful 4Sight ... giving ten tips on how moving your posture you can stay pain free”.

To find out how simple tips can be put into practice in your workplace, contact me today by emailing info@kshsafety.com