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Help prevent wildfire

While we are all enjoying this glorious weather, it is once again leaving the ground parched.

We all remember the devastating fires last summer that even reached the suburbs of some of our major cities.

Sadly fires are springing up again in this hot weather. Major fires in the Scottish Highlands and in parts of southern England have reported major habitat devastation in recent days.

With climate change leading to longer drier summers, this situation will only get worse.

Wildfires endanger people, homes and firefighters.

Wildfires wreck the homes and populations of endangered species, which are often breeding at the time. Fire destroys everything in its path, from birds and animals to plants.

Wildfires release huge amounts of greenhouse gas and smoke into the atmosphere. They harm our resilience to climate change and its effects, including flooding and droughts. On moorland, fire can burn through the peat layer and release carbon into the atmosphere, adding to climate change.

Be Fire Aware.

  • phone 999 if you spot a suspected wildfire – don’t assume someone else has reported it

  • don't have barbecues or fires on or near the moors

  • don't smoke on or near the moors

  • take all your litter home

  • bring a picnic, only barbecue at home, not the countryside.


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