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Qatar and why KSH Safety Services are not supporting the forthcoming World Cup

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Usually during a major sporting competition, KSH Safety Services runs offers and posts supporting the competition. We will not be doing this during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

There are realistic estimates that 6500 people, mainly migrant workers, have died under poor working conditions building infrastructure for the forthcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar. By comparison, only one died building infrastructure for the 2012 Olympics, and that was one too many.

These workers in Qatar live in squalid conditions, are paid extremely poorly, if at all. (Click here for source)

When relatively young and healthy men suddenly die after working long hours in extreme heat, it raises questions about the safety of working conditions in Qatar. One of the most documented and predictable risks to the life and health of workers in Qatar is exposure to extreme heat and humidity. Yet Qatar regularly issues death certificates for these migrant workers without proper investigation. Worse, the Qatari authorities attribute their deaths to “natural causes” or vague heart problems. (Amnesty International, link in French)

This is an outrage, and the competition is solely for the benefit of lining the pockets of those running the sport’s governing body.

As a company whose aim is to ensure all workers leave the workplace in the same or better condition than when they arrived, we cannot support such human rights atrocities.

FIFA have shown they are unfit for purpose. They do not care about human life and dignity.

Only posts relating to highlighting these atrocities will be posted by KSH Safety Services on our website and social media outlets.

We call for a full boycott of this competition by fans, sponsors, players, referees, and all media outlets.

All human lives matter, not just a few wealthy footballers and those who control them.

Salus populi suprema lex esto. The safety of the people is the ultimate law.

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