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Lockdown 3: KSH Safety Services Statement

KSH Safety Services Statement:

novel COVID-19 Coronavirus and KSH Safety Services

At KSH Safety Services, I am committed to providing my partners and customers with the best health and safety consultancy and training support possible.

Given the ever-changing situation surrounding COVID-19, I want to reassure you that throughout this current crisis, I will do my utmost to continue to provide the services I give to my clients in the safest way possible.

On 4 January 2021, the Prime Minister announced a third national lockdown for England. This lockdown is similar to but not identical to the first lockdown in Spring 2020. Some businesses are allowed to stay open in this time, including trades, manufacturers and construction. In order to follow the guidance of work at home where possible, client visits during this lock down will only be for businesses that are legally allowed to stay open. All other work will be done remotely.

During client visits, time on site may be reduced to essential working only, especially if space is at a premium, and I would want to see what precautions the client has in place upon arrival. I will wear appropriate face coverings, and visors if required by the client, site manager, or the law, and will carry and use hand sanitiser, tissues and disinfectant wipes. I will limit contact with furniture and fixtures as much as possible, and will keep a suitable distance from all personnel. I will also provide my own pen and paper, and my own drinks and food. I reserve the right to withdraw from the premises if I feel it is unsafe for me to remain on site.

For reassurance, I generally work alone, and nobody in my household has displayed any symptoms or had any illness. Should this change, I will withdraw from visiting businesses and self-isolate as per Government guidelines.

Demand for my services continues to be very high. I will help you as soon as I possibly can do, and apologise if there is any delay.

In this fast moving situation, any changes to service will be posted at https://www.kshsafety.com/coronavirus. I also have a large amount of useful up to date links and guidance on that page.

Please stay safe, be sensible, ensure you wash your hands regularly, wear a face covering where legally required (covering your nose and mouth) maintain a social distance from others, follow official advice, help each other, we will continue to get through this together.

Thank you.

K Heywood,

Owner and Founder,

KSH Safety Services