Ten Tips to reduce the risk of fire in your premises

August 21, 2018


Most businesses that suffer a major fire on their premises go out of business within a year of the fire. At a recent 4Networking meeting at the Last Drop Village, Bolton, our consultant, Kevin Heywood discussed in detail ten tips for reducing the chance of fire.


10. Carry out a formal and detailed fire risk assessment, and review it annually, or after an incident.  These assessments should be done by a competent person.


9. Keep fire doors, exits and escape routes maintained and free of obstruction.


8. Know how fires start and spread.


7. Ensure you have trained fire wardens.


6. Ensure you have the correct types of fire extinguisher.


5. Ensure that all your employees know what to do in the event of an alarm or a fire.


4. Good housekeeping - keep paperwork, boxes, cupboards, etc tidy.


3. Invest in smoke alarms and sprinkler systems.


2. Maintain all electrical and mechanical equipment.


1. Use common sense. Think all the time - is this going to cause a danger to me, my employees, my customers, the public, or the fire service. Don't take short cuts.


Remember fire respects nothing and no-one.

It leaves people homeless and jobless. It destroys. It maims. It KILLS. Don't take the risk with life.


KSH Safety Services can help you with your fire safety issues. Contact us today to find out how.


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