Allergen Awareness

January 26, 2018

KSH Safety Services has a wide range of online training courses for you to trial and buy from our website.


One of these is our course on allergen awareness.


Allergies occur when the body’s immune system reacts to a usually harmless substance as though it is harmful. Why this happens, isn’t clear. However, most sufferers come from families that have a history of allergies, or related problems. Every year, the number of people with allergies is increasing so having an awareness of potential allergens and why they can be harmful is becoming more important, particularly if you work in the service industry.


This course covers general allergies, food allergies and food intolerances and explain the differences between them. It covers the 14 allergens controlled by legislation along with food additives and how they can trigger allergic reactions. It takes a detailed look at the symptoms of food allergies and takes in the wider picture discussing the current theories of why rates are increasing. It then finishes off by covering practical steps that can be taken to reduce the risk from allergens and also what steps can be taken both internally and externally to monitor the control measures.


This 100 minute long course (based on content, not accounting for loading time or thinking time) is split into nine modules, each of which is assessed. Those passing the course will receive a certificate. The nine modules are: 


  • Food Intolerance and Allergens: the Basics

  • Food Intolerances - Causes and Symptoms

  • Allergies - Causes and Symptoms

  • Allergen Facts

  • Food Allergens and the Law

  • Food Allergens - Practical Steps

  • Allergen Information for Consumers

  • Internal Monitoring and Review

  • External Monitoring and Review


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